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Gary Willliam Cunha is a Baylor Law School graduate. Gary is a municipal prosecutor. He is the 1998 Justice Norvell Memorial Award winner and the 2004 Republican nominee for District Judge.

Gary's grandfather, Edward Cunha, graduated from Stanford University Law School in 1908 and was a successful criminal prosecutor before going into private criminal defense practice. He was the prosecutor of the Preparedness Day Parade bombing case involving Tom Mooney.

Brennan Diamond (of counsel) is a Baylor Law School graduate and a member McLennan County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Though past performance does not guarantee a specific result in your case, he has received not guilty jury verdicts in jury trial cases in the McLennan County courts.
Gary William Cunha
Attorney and Counselor at Law
Gary Cunha, P.C. Attorney and Counselor at Law
About Us